Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Share Multiple Websites in a single URL

       Sometimes we need to share a bunch of website link to other. At that time we generally writes these all links one by one, and then receiver have to open that link one by one.

      In this blog i will share you about How to Share Multiple Websites in Single URL.

For that first open

      Then select title  appropriate to websites to be bunched.
(Ex. if your sites to be share are , , ,you can give  a title as "Search Engines" - any user defined name)

     Then list all the websites in second text box(including http://) 

     Click on create link, on the next page automatically a shortened link will be generated. (Ex:

     Paste this link in URL bar of browser, and u will see first website on page and by clicking next on same page at right side you will get other website.(Initially it may take some time to load)

     Some of the finance a secured website may have restricted this functionality.

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